Preventive Maintenance

We generate specific schedules for each client with which we have precise control of the activities to be carried out, their periodicity and the review lists that must be carried out in each intervention.


For this, we have developed applications for our mobile devices that allows us to perform equipment reviews and obtain the status of each one in real time, the person responsible for the service provided, capture images and even the geographical position and exact time of the inspection. This allows us to have better control of the work plans that have been designed for the needs of our clients.


The execution of preventive maintenance plans has allowed us to reduce corrective activities by up to 40%, making it easier for our clients to have greater operational availability of their assets and equipment, while also allowing them to comply with their business production objectives.


In addition, and understanding the fundamental importance of the human talent of your company, we address integral aspects of industrial safety and occupational hygiene; Analyzing and improving general conditions that allow its employees to perform their work safely in spaces in better physical condition, resulting in greater welfare and productivity, as well as fewer accidents and work incidents and that employees return safely every day to their homes.


With our preventive maintenance services, you can count on:

  • Longer useful life for your assets and equipment
  • Reduce unscheduled stops or operations being halted due to fortuitous damages
  • Reduction in the quantity of corrective or “emergency” work
  • Gain efficiency
  • Generate savings
  • Plan your maintenance costs